Tales From Wilderland

New Beginnings
A Gathering...
Galath Introductions
Since we will be starting the game already knowing each other, I have typed up a first introduction or reacquaintance for each of your characters from Galath’s perspective. I hope this gives a little more character insight to you for Galath and his personality. Galath stands six feet tall and has an athletic build. His hair is raven black and his skin is very pale, almost to the point of white. He dresses is foresty colors. He smiles a lot and always takes time to pet or caress a nearby animal.

“Mae Govanan, Mellon. I am Galathlos. Son of Kapelan, Son of Marwe, Son of Uluku, Son of Danwe. You may call me Galath.”

Eugene -

At first you are excited perhaps to finally meet an elf but you are surprised to find that he seems more excited to meet you. “You are a Took? How fortuitous this day is. I had never hoped to meet one of the line of Bandobias Took, Slayer of King Golfimbul at the Battle of Greenfields. bowing low I daresay the honor is all mine.”

Eric –

Perhaps one day you were approached by a tall hooded man in a Dale tavern. He stops and pulls back his hood to reveal pale skin and elven features. “I see you there Isarn, Son of Jarn, feller of goblins and veteran of battle, whom I name Goblin Hewer. I am Galath. My friend, Malanor, spoke to me of how during the Battle of Five Armies, a red-haired dwarf with three opal-studded braids saved his life from an Orc’s assassinous blade. It has taken me some time to track you down. He smiles I am forever in your debt.” Offers forearm for clasp Some time later you discovered that he was the minstrel who wrote the recently circulating, Ballad of Thorin.

Dave –

Not long after your return from the South, Galath came to visit. “Odd Piers, my friend. You and your kin have been more of a family to me than my own kin for as long as I can remember. And I can remember a long time. When I heard you had taken ill while in the South, I was worried but, truly relieved to hear you had returned stronger than ever. I pleases my heart to see you again and to see you well in this momentous time.”

Rob –

“Young Siggy. I have watched you grow from a small child to the young woman I see before me now. Your father, Hallam, has been known to me and I am privileged to call him friend. He told me about brave Ulfr. I hear the cries of Esgaroth, for all lost that day and I offer you my condolences. his very expressive face seems more sad than you would think possible Your family has dutifully watched over Esgaroth, for generations and we owe you our thanks. I consider myself lucky to be in your company.” He smiles and as he turns away he stops and turns back to you, holding out a small jade figurine of an elven maiden. It looks old and its cracks are filled with the dark stains of what could be millennia. “And oh. I thought you might like this.”
  • Bradley –*

“Ho there, Shepherd. Praised be the Hunters. I was hoping to get over to western Mirkwood to see you. Even better that you came this way. I see you are as stern as ever. That hound of yours seems to laugh more than you. Careful you don’t smile tonight. I wouldn’t want to need to stitch the tears in your checks” He laughs as he waves for a tavern maid

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