Odd Piers

Noble Barding Scholar


Tall and noble of bearing with dark eyes and dark, close-cropped hair and matching short beard. He is a bit thin and his complexion is a bit paler than normal for his race. A close inspection reveals minute pock marks on his face.

His clothing and equipment are of fine make.


Born into a noble family, a distant relative of Bard, Odd grew up close at his trader father’s side. Like most in lake town before the fall of the dragon, the Piers family got by as best they could. It was their trading relationship with the Dwarves and Elves after the fall of Smaug that saw the family wealth grow exponentially.

After his sickness, and the Battle of Five Armies, Odd has focused more of his scholarly pursuits in learning more about the healing arts, to go with his already insatiable interest in agricultural pursuits, herb-lore and yearning to know more about the stories behind the ancient ones that made the trinkets Galath often shares with him.

Odd Piers

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