Galadhloss "Galath"

A silvan elf


Galath stands about average height for an elf at six feet tall. He is athletic of frame without being overly broad. His movements are agile and sure. His attire is almost always suited for blending into the forest. Most every where he goes he carries a mandolin and a for times when you have to be extra careful, a usually assortment of weapons.

Galath has been living for most of his short life in the eastern edges of Mirkwood. His first century, growing up, was spent in Thranduil’s Halls where he studied histories, music and lore. But soon he came to realize that he needed more time in the Wood. He needed to stretch his primal legs. He was not truly happy unless he was running with deer and bear or swinging through the trees. Somewhere along the way he discovered that he wanted to see more of the lands and to do more. So he left Thranduil’s Halls, not sure when he would return, and set out on his own and soon found himself in Dale, soon being a relative term to an elf. The city was marvelous to him and he loved playing music in taverns and halls, singing and dancing with the Dalemen. He befriended a man and his family and they became fast friends. Through the years he kept in contact with them, even after his friend grew old and the city was razed by Smaug. It was when the dragon Smaug attacked Dale and its people that he became personally acquainted with the Shadow and its influence. Thereafter, he sought out lore and items of old that could be used against the Shadow and its denizens. To date, anything he has found he has sneaked back into Thranduil’s Halls and left for the lore masters to find. He has often returned to the people of the Lake and Esgaroth to aid them when he could and when they needed help, especially in the cold winters. Much of his help has been in the open though some, in secret. His presence in and around the eastern edge of Mirkwood and around the folk of the lake has stretched for a few short centuries.

Galadhloss "Galath"

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