Tales From Wilderland

Don't Leave the Path (Session I)

Tales From Wilderland

New Beginnings

The celebrations of the Gathering of Five Armies are winding down and life in Lake-town is slowly returning to normal. Promises of new ventures, alliances and friendships have been made, and the future looks bright. For now, the Shadow has been beaten back. For now, the folk of Wilderland breathe easy.

The merchant Balgo, an old man with sad and unfortunate past is looking to remake his fortune after losing it dragon-fire five years ago. His first stop is the The Woodland Realm where he will trade for the precious wine of the Silvan elves. From there, his journey takes him and his company across the dangers of Mirkwood to the vales of Anduin beyond and the burgeoning towns of the Woodmen.

The journey will be long and difficult, no doubt a company of stout folk will be needed for the expedition.



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